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protectorofdestiny asked
((Hey there, remember me? It's Yobhelle in my other account. By the way how have you been? :) ))

Haha hey. havent been on in a long time i know. Sorry bout that..:P

My entire list of DUBSTEP as of today :P enjoy!

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It’s good to find some meaning these days.

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I am here

I am so happy to be back on Tumblr. Its been such a long time. my graphics card messed up so I had to get a new one.

You:”Damn my computer’s frozen.”

Me:”Melt it!”

You:”What? Why in the HELL would I do that?”

Me:”You said it was frozen!”

You:”Are you really that stupid?”

Me:”Idk, how stupid are we talkin here?”


You:”Man its cold in here!”

Me:”Oh sorry forgot to cover my heart today.”